Supply: 152.916
Max: 210.000
Hashrate: 606.19 Mh/s
(Current Block: 384125)
Price: € 3.52 - $ 3.68
(Volume: ₿ 0.00570795)
Next Halving: 353 days
(Expected on: 20-09-2024)

Logo Florin Activities

04-07-23: Florin (XFL) is listed on Knaken.nl
21-06-23: Pre-listing announcement: Knaken.nl
22-05-23: New XFL blockchain explorer launched!
16-05-23: Kickstarting for listing on Knaken.eu
19-12-22: New trading pair XFL/USDT on XT.com

More XFL events on the timeline..
Florin (XFL) is a crypto designed for value. Florin’s main goal is to become and be a strong Store of Value project. Scarcity is one of Florin’s most important aspects. The maximum supply is 210,000 pieces only (1/100th of the maximum supply of Bitcoin).

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